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March 14, 2021

We picked up our little Theo from Serendipity Acres and Sue couldn’t have more lovely.
We got to choose our little guy, and then Sue sent us weekly update pictures until we picked him up.
Our puppy is extremely well socialized with people and a very quick learner, as he already knows his name ,come ,and sit.
Theo loves to cuddle with just about anyone, sleeps very well on his own with minimal crying and is mastering potty training in just 3 days! From the moment we picked him up he was extremely comfortable around us and had no issues with the car ride home.
Sue had the answers to all our questions, and is absolutely very knowledgeable in breeding happy and healthy dogs. At no point did we feel that Sue wouldn’t be the best decision for us to purchase our puppy from.
The process was seamless, and  we are so happy with such a healthy, happy and extremely social little guy!
We highly recommend Serendipity Acres and will tell all our friends! Thank you Sue!
The Mellios Family