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Puppy Transition Tips

Steps to help you transition your new puppy

Pre puppy arrival

Please pre think puppy arrival.

  • Have a puppy play pen set up with water dish and food dish plus bed and toys.
  • For night time we recommend a crate beside your bed so you can  hear your baby and get up to take your puppy out.


We have started your puppy on newspaper. We do not support pee pads as they fill our land fill and here at Serendipity Acres we are doing what we can to leave a good carbon imprint.

Most puppies leave here with outdoor potty training started.

Also we will give you a travel water to take home filled with our water. Our thinking is one less change in your puppies small life of only 8 weeks. If you can bring a larger empty bottle and Sue will happily fill it so you have more on hand.

Puppies are fragile so food and water are vital. Please monitor that your puppy is eating and drinking. One suggestion is to soak a few tables spoons of kibble to encourage eating. Remember your best day there worst and they need calm routine human people to help them adjust. Baby steps.

Introducing puppy to its new home

Keep this in mind when you bring your puppy home.

  • Limit your puppy’s access. … a puppy playpen is a fantastic way to know where your puppy is and you can go about your business , you can check in but not disturb.
  • Choose a potty spot. … outside, you can even introduce a bell to the door to train he/she to ring bell when they need to go out.
  • Introduce him to his new immediate family. … don’t play pass the puppy but in a calm environment bond with your puppy.
  • Minimize stress and excitement. …
  • Introduce other family pets. Slowly don’t force a introduction …
  • Don’t interact with dogs outside your home. … or other animals/pets
  • Start enforcing rules. … routine routine
  • Make a veterinary appointment. Your next vet appointment fate will be 30 days from the first appointment on your puppy health passport.

Puppies first night

  • Stick to a set bedtime. Puppies love routine, so get your puppy into a regular routine as soon as possible! Even if you jave take time off work to be with your puppy. Establish the routine.
  • Decide where they are sleeping. … in a crate beside your bed with a hot water bottle is recommended.
  • Keep calm. …
  • Sleep in the same room for the first few nights. …
  • Remind them you are there. 
  • Night time toilet breaks may be needed. … got out by flash light. Now is not a kiss huggy play time.
  • It’s OK to comfort them. Shhh it’s OK…