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Our Process

Here is what to expect from Serendipity Acres

Reach out to us
Browse available puppies

Take your time to browse available puppies.  Sue will answer any questions you may have.  We track and record all communications to ensure a safe and smooth transaction. Feel free to call us, email us, text message us, you name it. We are here for you.

Let's find the perfect fit!
Let' get to know each other

We do as much interviewing and questioning to make sure our puppies go to the homes best suited for the breeds’ temperament and energy level. Our goal is to match a puppy’s personality with a person’s lifestyle. An extremely active puppy needs to be in a home that will give lots of stimulation. Check out our Buyers Questionnaire

A deposit gets things going!
We accept E-Transfers

At Serendipity Acres we require a deposit of $500. The deposit is non-refundable. However, if we can not provide a healthy puppy at pickup, it is 100% refundable. Please note that transferring or selling your puppy is strictly prohibited. Please fill out the Buyers Questionnaire first. 

Staying in Touch
The wait is on!
We will be contacting you frequently

Once we have received your deposit, Sue will be sending you weekly photos and milestone updates of the puppies. This is typically when you pick your puppy or arrange for a home visit. 

Nose to Tail Veterinary Exam
Nothing but the best for our pups
Our vet comes to the farm weekly

Our local family veterinarian visits our puppies in-house. We pay extra for this service so our puppies do not have to leave our facilities. The vet does a full examination including hips, eyes, heart and the first vaccination and deworming.

Pick Up Day!
This is your best day and your puppies worst
The best day ever!

Yes! It's time to be united with your fur baby. By this point in time, your travel arrangements have been made.  At the time of delivery you will be presented with our  puppy package. Sue will pack you with essentials that will help you in transition.

Water Bottle
We will give you and  fill a travel water bottle of the water your baby has been use too. Our thinking is one less change on the big day is best. You can bring along with you a empty bottle so we can fill it giving you more water for a few days while adjustment happens in your baby's life.

We feed Royal Canin and will send you with 24 hours worth of food.

A blanket that has all of our familiar smells.

30 Day Pet Insurance

Reviews & Feedback
Let us know your experience with us
We would love your feedback

First, we'd like to thank you for trusting in us. We ask of you in return for all of our hard work and dedication to please take a minute of your time to provide us with your honest feedback and rate our service. We appreciate every level of feedback you may provide.

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