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Ollie, ( Cavapoo).  Was Born August 18, 2020 and we brought him home Thanksgiving weekend. Sue was fantastic right from the start. She sent us regular pictures of him as he was growing and kept us informed right up until the day we brought him home.
She gave us so much good advice and I remember when we finally took him from her as I watched her interact with him, I could see how amazing she was as a breeder. Now I know that to be very true because Ollie is almost 9 months old and he has been the best addition to our family. They say a good dog comes from a good breeder so I can confidently say he came from an excellent breeder.
He is everything we could have wanted in a dog. He is smart, obedient, loving and he has such a happy, funny, and joyous personality. He has brought so much happiness to our home. He is not a barker, he is so calm, and laid back and gets along very well with other dogs, people, including small children. He is extremely gentle!!! We also have another dog that is 9 years old (Morkie) and he has actually brought new life to the older dog. Our older dog Sparky is now healthier than he has ever been.
I highly recommend if you are looking for a very good dog, from a very good breeder Sue is the breeder to go to.
Covid has been a very challenging time and Ollie has relieved so much anxiety for everyone in our home!
1 million thank you’s to Sue!!