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The Best Cavapoo Breeder Ever!
I purchased a Cavapoo almost 13 years ago from Sue at Serendipity. Her name is Makena. She is without a doubt the most amazing dog I have ever owned. She has walked and run with me for hours on end and is a remarkably healthy girl.
She has traveled with me for over 10 years to Hawaii. She is an amazing traveler. She adapts easily to all new environments she is introduced to. She is sweet and friendly and bold enough to chase the geese off my property too! Everywhere we go she makes friends and is the center of attention. I would say she is the  planner on my social calendar! She is amazing with kids, babies and other dogs.
She is aware and knows who is a stranger and who is a friend, she is everyone favorite girl. I cannot tell you how many of my friends and acquaintances have become pet owners because they love Makena. I totally recommend Sue when purchasing a puppy. I also purchased the most loving and adorable Maltipoo three years ago for my grandson!
​Thanks for everything Sue!