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​Little Peetie & Rupert

​Little Peetie & Rupert 002

Our family cannot thank Sue enough for our gorgeous Maltipoo puppies Peetie and Rupert. Our daughter first brought Rupert home and we discovered his brother Peetie needed a home too. How could we say no? From the beginning it was clear Sue had compassion and the expertise to raise such loving and smart dogs. Now almost 7months old, we’ve enjoyed watching the little guys grow up right before our eyes. The boys get to visit each other every weekend for endless playing, walking and family cuddles. The love and joy Peetie and Rupert bring us daily has been incredible and we cant imagine our lives without them. Thank you to Sue for all the support she demonstrated through out the process of bringing the boys home and getting them settled. The  endless compliments we get on our boys are a true testament to her love and care of her dogs. We can’t wait to welcome another Serendipity acres puppy into the homes of our friends and family.
All the best,   Steph Millar