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Little Figgy


Hi Sue,
Just a little update on how Figgy is doing.
We are over the moon with our little man and we completely have Sue to thank. She was incredible throughout the process and really put our minds at ease. Weekly updates kept us apprised of our puppies progress and we never felt out of touch.
When it was time to bring Figgy home Sue ensured we had everything we needed to be successful, ease his transition, and took time to answer all of our questions. It has been a whirlwind of cuddles, playtime, and kisses since Figgy has been home. He has completely changed our home and hearts. Its hard to imagine what life was like before him. Figgy has a great disposition and loves to meet new people. He is already learning to do his business outdoors, loves his playpen, and brings his toys around the house for everyone to play with him.
Thanks Sue!  He is too cute for words.