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Little Eevee

Little Eevee2

Little Eevee,
Working with Sue from Serendipity Acres was absolutely exceptional. This was our first puppy that we have purchased and we could not be happier with dealing with Sue. She was pleasant from the beginning and was extremely patient in answering any questions or concerns that we had. She was able to understand our needs based on what puppy we wanted, and worked very hard to find the right pairing. Sue was fantastic to give us not only information on our puppy, but about the parents. Sue provided us with weekly picture updates of our puppy, until we picked her up. We couldn’t wait every week to see our little puppy grow!! Sue was able to help with any nervousness we had in bringing our new puppy home.
her dedication to the health of her puppies comes out in her approach to care, and the education she provides.
Bringing our new puppy Eevee home was a easy transition and she came with a great kit from Serendipity acres that had everything we needed. Eevee came home completely healthy, vaccinated , with her health record, and potty trained. Eevee is now a part of our family, and doing extremely well as she continues to grow.
We would recommend Serendipity Acres and Sue to absolutely everyone looking for a new puppy. Her puppies are bar none the best and we couldn’t be happier with our Service.
Thank you Sue and Serendipity Acres for our fantastic new puppy Eevee !!!