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Getting a puppy with an older dog?

For those of you who hesitate about getting a puppy with an older dog, here is our story.
Phoebe my 13 year old Ganaraskan was showing serious signs of aging. She was no longer managing stairs, sleeping most of the time, and refused to go out for walks. We were concerned a puppy might be too much for her, but we are experienced handlers and felt we could manage it.  We added Bentley the cavapoo to our family. Phoebe took to him immediately and engaged in tug games.  Lincoln our second cavapoo joined our family a year later, Phoebe is now 14 and running up the stairs, jumping on the sofa and insisting we take her with us on walks. When she becomes tired we have a dog stroller for her. Our puppies gave our older dog new life!! Thank you Sue for making such wonderful puppies!!
Phoebe, Bentley and Lincoln’s mom.