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Here are answers to the most common questions we've come across however, please ask us if you can't find the answer.

We often get asked for a reference or idea on sizes of the puppies when they are full grown. We have made a guideline reference chart to give an approximate size. We don’t control mother nature, but we try to achieve these guidelines with our thoughtful breeding program.

Yes parents on site and in most cases so is Auntie and Uncle. We breed from age 2 to 5 approximately. Keeping our own line to cross bred first generational (F1) puppies. In very few cases we bred F1 B1. This is done all in stride to produce heath, temperament and your new best friend.. 

An F1b = F1 cavalier X Poodle. The “b” in this description stands for “back cross.” In other words, the original hybrid cross has been bred back to a purebred parent (typically the poodle). The result is a puppy that is 75% poodle and 25% cavalier.

All of our puppies have been veterinarian health checked, heart, eyes, ears etc. before going into their new home environment. They receive first vaccines plus a deworming. We give their health passports to you at time of pick up.

Yes! We will send pictures once a week as your puppies grow. We keep you informed if anything should come up or we notice small little miracles as they develop, like the first pup with their eyes open or first at their food dish.

We try to be a Eco friendly facility, so your puppy is introduced to recycled newspaper from the moment he/she can crawl out of bed. This imprints the smell and they learn quickly this is the place to go.

We feel for a more bonding therapeutic atmosphere, a puppy playpen is the perfect environment. Toys bedding, newspaper, food and water placed inside the playpen will provide your puppy with a safe home when you can’t give your puppy 100% of your time.​

Yes, our adults are veterinarian checked and we are always hands on to make sure we are only breeding the healthiest of parents. The puppies are veterinarian health checked before they leave for their forever home.

Our puppies are rehomed as family pets, not to be used for breeding purposes.
​ It is vital to your fur babies health that you spay and/ or neuter them. From a health perspective spaying or neutering helps to eliminate the chances of reproductive cancers and helps to prevent unwanted pregnancies or unwanted fathering of puppies. We rehome our puppies with the agreement that they are to be spayed or neutered.

When our dogs become older we often get asked about their retirement plans. We look for loving homes for our retirees. We have had great success in our rehoming program. An example of one of our recent retirees is Maggie May.
She has been rehomed and is working on her therapy dog program and has recently completed level one. She will be doing her therapy at hospitals. Such a sweet girl. Way to go Maggie!!!