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Update: November 9 2023

“Eevee is a remarkable 9 month old  Cavapoo with an abundance of intelligence and a heartwarming, social nature. Her ability to ring the bell for potty breaks showcases her exceptional cleverness, making life with her easier and more enjoyable. Eevee’s love for people is evident in her friendly demeanor and strong social connections, making her a true delight to have around. Her sensitivity and affection for toys demonstrate a well-rounded personality that contributes to her overall happiness and well-being. Eevee is not just a pet; she’s a cherished addition to our family, bringing joy, companionship, and a touch of brilliance into our lives.”


We just adopted our new puppy Eevee from Sue at Serendipity Acres in April of 2023.
Eevee is about 11 weeks old and a total sweetheart. Her first day she took to her crate and playpen and seems to enjoy the comfort of being in a cave like atmosphere. She has been going potty outside with no issues. We take her out often and she knows exactly what to do. She is incredibly smart. She also has been sleeping well through the night. I think I won the jackpot with this little girl!

Eevee is a Cavapoo Blue Merle, she is a hybrid breed with her mom who is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and her dad is a miniature Poodle that carries the Blue Merle gene. The blue merle coat is a stunning color combination of black, white, and gray, making this particular Cavapoo a real head-turner.

Eevee is full of energy and curiosity, with a playful and affectionate personality that makes her a joy to be around.

Overall, Eevee with a blue merle coat is an adorable, intelligent and has made a fantastic addition to our family. With her friendly and outgoing nature, this little girl has brought joy and love to us.
Thank you Sue!