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Cavapoo Coats Types & Colors

The 3 Types of Cavapoo Coats.

Coats will change up to a year of age. Often they get curlier and thicker with age. Although the internet will teach us the difference between “F1 and F1B.” Genetics can throw us curve balls. If your family has allergies or you just prefer the look of and “F1B” make sure you reach out to your breeder about their genetic linage for curl, often times you can get very curly “F1B” in F1 linage.  

Cavapoo Coats Types & Colors

Black Cavapoo - Curly Coat

Black Cavapoo – Curly Coat

Black & Tan Cavapoo – Wavy Coat

Black Tri Cavapoo – Curly Coat

Black & Brown Sable Cavapoo – Wavy Coat

Blenheim Cavapoo – Young “Teen” Coming Into Curl Coat

Apricot Cavapoo – Straight Coat

Ruby Cavapoo – Curly Coat

Blue Merle- Wavy Coat (Shaved)

Blue Merle With Tan Points – Wavy Coat (Shaved)