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Sue is a very dedicated breeder with 25 years of experience behind her. Her expertise gives us that reassurance we need in getting a healthy puppy. Our experience was flawless. She had a lengthy conversation with us before we met our puppy. 

On January 9th, we met her and welcomed Brio in our life. We signed papers of agreement, and we took him home. I never expected to giggle all the way home but I did. I had in my arms a confident puppy who just was full of love. He kissed and licked my hands all the way home. He never cried , never had any separation anxiety so I later wrote to Sue thanking her for raising such a confident puppy. From day one, Brio was amazing. The first day , at 9 weeks, we introduced him to our house, he played. He was a happy little dog and I just sat on the floor to be at his height. We played fetch and he totally surprised me as he knew how to do it. First night I stayed awake to listen if he was crying. He never did. To this day at 6 months of age, only twice has he wakened me up to do his business. Totally my fault, as he needed to do one more pee before bed but that was in the first month here so we have everything routine now.
I have asked questions to Sue and always got responses quickly. Her support means a lot to new puppy owners. I had other dogs before but as time passes, it’s like we all need to re learn a lot on the steps of growth just like raising a child. I raised 3 and over the years, things change. I have grandchildren now and everything from day one, is different. So I felt very much at ease asking Sue or just having a conversation with her to reporting on  how Brio was. I keep praising her knowledge of the breed and how intelligent this little dog is. In the first week, he learned 9 commands. He aims to please but also has a feisty smart personality. Strong but yet sensitive. He will do his zoomies when he knows he has too much energy left before bedtime..lol..yes he keeps us laughing. He has learned how to hit the door stopper when he wants to go out..and yes we hear it often now..lol so funny but yet, so smart..I taught him how to drop what he picks up while walking, he drops and gets a kibble..but you got it, he picks up on purpose too so he can get a kibble. Very smart!
We are very pleased with this healthy puppy. We have had him in a nice little pen in our kitchen from day one. It’s where the action is all day long but we are a retired couple so many quiet times too. He has never slept in the bedroom for a night. We close the kitchen light, the other lights and he waits for my presence in the morning. He never calls out. I owe this character to the breed but more so to the breeder. When a breeder like Sue does not imprint herself too much on puppies, we get very confident puppies, not shy. He is very social but sadly these are crazy times we are in. The distancing is just horrible because it happened at a time he could finally go out to walk..his vaccines had just ended when this virus took over our world. He met some people but never other pets. He sees them when we walk but we have no contact. It is a sad time but we would be so lost if we had not gotten him back in January when all was ok…so we thought. We had a previous dog named Elmo who had passed last July, at age 11 1/2. It was very heartbreaking but by January we knew we were ready and thank to
Sue, she made it possible for us to be owners of Brio.
She does a marvellous job and it is not easy to raise puppies so her patience  shows by what her achievements are, it’s nothing short of greatness!

Lise and John Fata and puppy Brio.