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Karen shows us how she trained Bentley (videos)

April 26,2021: By Karen Sinclair

Our Bentley was born October 25, 2020 and 8 weeks later became part of our family.
I enjoy training dogs and have taken several to Obedience training and Agility.  Getting a dog that would respond well to training was important to me. The Cavapoo seemed to check all the boxes. From start to finish this experience has been exceptional. Every week following Bentley’s birth Sue sent pictures of our pup so we could be part of watching him grow.
Receiving these photos were the highlight of my week.  Due to COVID we were able to visit her facility through the sharing of  photos. Sue took the time to explain her background and described her experience in breeding dogs. She responded to all my questions very quickly.
On adoption day Sue accommodated us by meeting halfway. During one of our communications I must have mentioned that I like the color red, included in the care package Sue prepared for Bentley was a bright red blanket! So sweet!
She instructed us on how to care for him in his first few days as he transitioned and made sure I texted when we arrived home safely. 6 months later we have a well adjusted, gentle little dog. He is smart, loves to learn, and loves to please. He is a clown, and has brought laughter and entertainment into our home. He is calm, yet playful, and friendly with everyone. He respects our older dog and most recently appears to be taking care of her by ringing the bell for her to let her out, and licking her eyes when they water.
If only the little monkey would stop stealing our socks he would be perfect! lol.
Thank you Sue for giving such a good start in a loving environment,  it matters!

​The Sinclair family.

  1. Bentley being trained to rollover
  2. Bentley being trained how to spin
  3. Bentley being trained to close doors!
  4. Bentley being trained to close doors! (2)
  5. Bentley being trained to ring the bell (1) 
  6. Bentley being trained to ring the bell (2)