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We are a retired military family. My husband, a 27-year veteran, suffers from PTSD. Thanks to Sue, we have our little  Cavalier King Charles spaniel who keeps us smiling and reduces anxiety in our home. If laughter is the best medicine, our funny little Andy is the antidote for what ails us. Now, on that note, let me say that we’ve had many dogs (till death do us part) over the years, but never a pup like Andy. I sincerely regret not investing in a Cavalier King Charles spaniel right from the beginning of our marriage.
Andy is the perfect ‘military spouse’s’ companion and the quintessential service dog for anyone suffering from anxiety.  We are so in love with this love sponge breed, we’re seriously thinking about buying another Cavalier King Charles spaniel from Sue. We can’t thank Sue enough for bringing so much love and happiness into our lives. As this is a personal review, with statements about my husband that are private, I’m not leaving my name, but if you ask Sue for my email address I will happily answer any questions you may have.